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The Impact of Lowering Prescription Costs


In a short opinion last week, the U.S. Supreme Court created a new risk for job-creators and families who rely on the health care benefits provided by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). While the decision was disappointing, importantly, the Court’s opinion only narrowly applies to states’ authority to set prices for paying pharmacies. Thankfully, this ruling will not stop PBMs from continuing their efforts to drive down the costs of providing affordable and accessible prescription drug coverage to millions of Americans.

As Americans head into the holiday season with a renewed sense of hope for 2021, they also carry with them lingering concerns about the affordability and accessibility of safe, quality prescription drugs. While a group of new COVID-19 vaccines provides some much-needed relief and a slow path back to normalcy, many families are still struggling under the financial toll of the pandemic, making the work of lowering healthcare costs as important as ever.

That’s why PCMA argued, on behalf of PBMs serving employer-sponsored health plans, against making it harder for large and small businesses to provide quality healthcare plans for their employees, thereby increasing prescription drug costs for patients. 

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