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Santiago: ‘I rely on my anxiety medication’


For Santiago, anti-anxiety medication helps him feel confident and safe—and he’s glad to have a PBM safeguarding his access.

Santiago was in college when his battle with anxiety began.

“I’ve had panic attacks before where it was difficult to get out of bed,” he said. “The idea of having another is crippling.”

Today, the 28-year-old no longer has that fear daily. Thanks to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), Santiago receives reliable access to medications that allow him to live and work without succumbing to symptoms of his anxiety.

“I rely on my anxiety medication for two reasons: to regulate my everyday mood and to control panic attacks,” he said. “Without my medication, life would be a daily struggle. It gives me a sense of confidence and security and I wouldn’t want to be without it.”

PBMs are essential to bringing equity into the healthcare landscape for patients like Santiago. PBMs encourage the use of generic medications; negotiate rebates from drug manufacturers; fight for discounts from pharmacies; manage patient drug utilization; process prescription drug claims; manage the cost of expensive specialty medications; administer home delivery of medications; work to reduce waste and medical errors; and develop pharmacy networks for health plan sponsors – all of which help to decrease costs while increasing access for prescription medications for millions of Americans.

Hear Santiago’s story here.

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