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Public Policy Solutions to Increase Competition and Lower Prescription Drug Costs


In a recent episode of The Pharmacy Benefit podcast, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) President and CEO, JC Scott, was joined by health policy expert and Executive Director of the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Drug Pricing (CSRxP), Lauren Aronson, to discuss how public policy can reduce prescription drug pricing. They discuss the challenges policy experts face in addressing drug costs and the role drug manufacturers play. Scott and Aronson cover potential policy solutions that can bring down costs, as well as the current political climate around prescription drug policy in Congress and the Biden Administration.

Aronson breaks down three reasons for high drug costs. First, there are new and innovative prescription drugs hitting the market with significant price tags. Second, some prescription drugs see price increases for no discernible reasons. Often, these drugs have been on the market for some time, have no new benefits, are broadly beneficial, and the price increases without justification. Lastly, there are drugs that see price increases multiple times every year.

To hear Scott and Aronson’s entire conversation and learn more about how PBMs work with lawmakers, policy experts, and other partners in the medical supply chain to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for patients, check out the newest episode of the Pharmacy Benefit Podcast here.

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