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Prescription Drugs Don’t Need to be Expensive


Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) understand that prescription drugs can be unaffordable for some consumers. That’s where PBMs come in. PBMs are constantly advocating on behalf of patients to keep costs low while fighting to expand access to life-saving medications.

Still, there are a number of safe, reasonable, policies that can help bring down the cost of prescription drugs which the Biden administration and new Congress should pursue in 2021. They range from increasing competition to removing barriers for generic drugs entering the market. 

JC Scott, the President, and CEO of PCMA, said, “These policies should be a guide for the Biden Administration and the new Congress to enact effective solutions that will increase competition to reduce prescription drug costs for patients. PBMs have an established record of negotiating with manufacturers to reduce drug costs for patients, and we urge policymakers to focus on getting more competition into the market. We look forward to working with the new Administration and Congress.”

PBMs are always #OnYourRxSide by looking for ways to bring down your prescription drug costs. Check out the full statement discussing these policies here.

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