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PBMs are Working to Maintain your Prescription Drug Needs


This global pandemic raises the possibility of prescription drug shortages, as drugs normally used by only a few people may suddenly be needed by many, or manufacturing centers may be sidelined by virus outbreaks. Pharmacy Benefit Managers, along with drug manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies, are integral to identifying and managing drug shortages to reduce the prospects of patients being without their prescribed medications. 

PBMs are closely monitoring the global manufacturing environment and using analytics to gauge patients’ prescription drug usage trends to anticipate possible disruptions to the supply chain. Then, working in concert with others, PBMs are working to help spread the existing drug supply as equitably as possible among patients who need those drugs.

Indeed, it’s vitally important during the public health crisis that all patients continue receiving access to medications, particularly those treating chronic illnesses, like asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. As the public increasingly demands off-label use of some medications to treat COVID-19, PBMs are implementing measures that balance off-label usage with the ongoing needs of patients using on-label prescriptions for chronic illnesses. Here, for example, is how one PBM approaches this balancing act.

For more information about PBMs and their efforts to maintain drug supplies, click here.

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