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PBMs are Preparing for the Winter


As colder weather sets in and COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country, many are isolating themselves in their homes and avoiding public spaces. These efforts to flatten the curve and minimize the rate of transmission are necessary, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are working hard to make sure patients’ care continues to be uninterrupted.

PBMs are working to ensure patients can access the medications they need through mail-service pharmacies that reliably deliver medications to peoples’ homes. PBMs use cutting-edge, automated technology make mail-service pharmacies a convenient and affordable option for patients. Through this experience and expertise with the medical supply chain, PBMs will play a vital role in supporting the distribution of the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine will only be effective if it is administered to as many people as possible. In recognition of this reality, organizations throughout America’s pharmaceutical supply and payment chain—including manufacturers, pharmacies, wholesalers, insurance providers, PBMs, and more—have committed their resources to the safe and efficacious development, distribution, and allocation of a vaccine. Recently, organizations throughout the supply chain released guidelines for safely achieving that exact goal.

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