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PBMs Are Helping People With Diabetes Stay Informed About Their Health Care


National Diabetes Month is an annual reminder of the importance of tailoring care management to every person’s individual needs. People living with diabetes require special consideration, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are working to provide it. PBMs, in addition to keeping out-of-pocket expenses for insulin low, are constantly working to help keep diabetics informed and up to date on their health regimens.

PBMs accomplish this by providing people with diabetes support and education that result in better medication adherence and health outcomes. PBM support programs for those living with diabetes include communicating with patients via text messaging or through devices that monitor glucose, improving care, and helping patients stay adherent to their insulin regimens. The total care approach also extends to engaging caregivers to provide additional patient support to manage the disease and improve medication adherence, blood sugar levels, and lifestyle management.

Given the risk of COVID-19 to people living with diabetes, helping them manage the disease and stay healthy is more important than ever. No one wants an avoidable emergency room visit because their blood sugar is too high or too low.

This month and every month, PBMs are focused on finding cost-effective, care-oriented solutions for diabetes patients and others who rely on prescription drugs for their health. PBMs will continue to use every resource available to ensure that people with diabetes have the affordable care they need.

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