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New Survey Shows Americans Support Changes to Drug Costs and Practices


A new national poll out this month shows that a majority of Americans support changes to reduce the cost of prescriptions covered by Medicare Part D. The results demonstrate significant public support for the Three-Part Policy Platform released by the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) last month.

When it comes to increasing competition among drug manufacturers, the polling found that a majority of Americans desire real action on this front as well. 53% believe that Congress needs to act now to reduce the number of years drug manufacturers can maintain exclusivity on a new prescription drug. Limiting the exclusivity window would increase the availability of generic drugs, and ultimately, bring down the average cost of prescriptions under Medicare Part D. Retirees, in particular, were very supportive, ultimately favoring the reduction of drug manufacturer’s exclusivity by more than 70%.

The survey also shows that two-thirds of respondents agree that Congress should require pharmaceutical companies to share data on the effectiveness of new drugs before they are approved. This policy change would allow Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to better negotiate the cost of new drugs based on their value and efficacy.

PBMs will continue advocating for these changes while actively helping to ensure patients, particularly Medicare Part D beneficiaries, are always able to access the prescriptions they need. That’s what it means to be #OnYourRxSide. Learn more about what PBMs are doing to bring down costs here.

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