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Mail-Service Pharmacies: Driving Greater Safety, Adherence, and Savings for Patients


During this public health emergency, mail-service pharmacies have continued to be a safe, convenient, and reliable way for patients to get their maintenance medications and other essential prescription drugs. In fact, through July 2020, the IQVIA Institute has found a 20 percent increase in prescription drugs filled through mail-service pharmacies during the pandemic, as compared to 2019. Mail-service has helped Americans to access their prescriptions while sheltering at home at a crucial time in our history. 

At the same time, policymakers are appropriately asking many questions about mail-service pharmacy in light of modifications to postal operations that have been under consideration. Our industry wants to make it clear that patients and consumers should feel confident that we are taking all the necessary steps so that individuals continue to receive their medications.

Facilitating convenient, reliable access to prescription drugs through cutting-edge, high-quality mail-service pharmacies isn’t new. For decades, America’s pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) have offered home delivery of medications for patients. Mail-service pharmacies ship hundreds of millions of prescriptions each year via the United States Postal Service (USPS) to those with chronic conditions, older Americans, and patients residing in rural, remote, and other underserved communities. 

To ensure timely medication delivery for patients, PBMs use sophisticated and automated technology; geographically dispersed mail-service pharmacies; proprietary route determination and sorting processes; and contracts with multiple national mail and shipping carriers.

This is just one of the many ways PBMs help the millions of patients they serve. Learn more here about other tools, resources, and how PBMs are #OnYourRxSide.

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