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How PBMs Help Patients Safely Navigate their Health Care Coverage


Health care can be complicated. That’s why Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) work hard to help patients navigate their prescription drug benefit, ultimately saving them an average of $962 per year on prescription drug costs – all while improving their health outcomes.

One way PBMs advocate for patients is through care coordination. PBMs work tirelessly to improve patient health by reviewing all prescriptions and coordinating their care with the rest of the patients’ health care team. By reviewing prescriptions and coordinating their care, PBMs prevent potentially hazardous interactions of medications, which keeps their patients safe. Over the next decade, it’s estimated that PBMs will prevent more than 1 billion medication errors.

PBMs also help manage complex conditions, offering care programs to make it easier for patients to adhere to prescription guidelines and access affordable medications.

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Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are your advocates in the health care system, working to lower out-of-control prescription drug costs for patients across the country.

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