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PBMs help Patients
Always #OnYourRxSide
Hear directly from patients how PBMs advocate on their behalf to reduce prescription drug costs, expand access, and improve health outcomes.
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PBMs: Coordinating
and Improving Patients'
Pharmacy Care
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Always #OnYourRxSide
PBMs coordinate the health care of 266 million Americans.
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Being #OnYourRxSide Means Advocating for Lower Costs
PBMs negotiate with drug manufacturers to reduce drug costs and pass on savings to patients and payers.
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Home Delivery Helps Patients Stay Safe and Healthy
Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are working to help 266 million patients get their prescription drugs safely, affordably, and efficiently at home.
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How Do PBMs Work?

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) advocate on behalf of patients and payers to reduce prescription drug costs, expand access, and improve patient outcomes.


Cost Savings & Rebates

Rebates are one way PBMs work to bring down health care costs for patients like you. By negotiating directly with drug manufacturers, PBMs save an average of $962 per patient, per year.


Care Coordination

Health care can be complicated, but fortunately, you have an ally #OnYourRxSide. PBMs are your advocate in the health care system. PBMs work with your entire health care team to coordinate your care, prevent potentially hazardous interactions, and keep you safe.


Home Delivery

Mail-service pharmacies are safe, reliable, and help patients stick to their drug regimens. By expanding access to home delivery of prescription drugs, PBMs save you a trip to the pharmacy.



Formularies are lists of drugs that a health plan uses as part of its pharmacy benefit. These lists help patients avoid unsafe medications that may not interact well with other prescriptions, prevent expensive or ineffective drugs from being prescribed to patients, and improve patient outcomes by reducing physician or ER visits.


When PBMs Succeed, Patients Receive Accessible, Affordable Prescriptions

  • PBMs play an essential role in patients receiving quality health care. PBMs partner with other health care providers to protect drug supply chains and help keep patients healthy.
  • As more information becomes available about COVID-19 vaccines, navigating it all can be a challenge for those seeking their turn in line. PBMs have experience helping patients access prescription drugs. As patients and families have questions about where to get a vaccine, when to receive their shot, or even if they qualify, PBMs are taking action to support national, state, and local COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Who we are

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) make prescription drugs accessible and affordable for patients and payers.

Today, health care plans hire PBMs to not only secure lower costs for prescription drugs through discounts and rebates, but also to advocate for access to generic drugs and home delivery. PBMs are coordinating every step of your pharmaceutical care for better health outcomes.

OnYourRxSide provides information about the role of PBMs in advocating for lower prescription drug costs and greater savings on behalf of patients and payers.

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